Controlling Soil Erosion with Coir Geotextiles Erosion Protection Matting

Erosion protection matting – Soil erosion can be avoided by using the soil according to its capacity. The position of the soil, the type of soil, and the slope determine to what extent the soil is easily eroded. May not be suitable for agriculture, or only suitable for erosion control activities.

There are several resources to help determine how the soil should be used to prevent erosion:

  • For Agricultural Land: The Land Management Field Guide shows and describes soil types in many areas and provides management and land use recommendations for each soil type. Browse our library catalog and find land management field guides.
  • For grasslands: Soil maps and soil types are available for most areas. They give farmers an idea of the land their property may occupy and are a useful planning tool.

Surface cover and runoff

The surface cover is an important factor in erosion control as it reduces the impact of raindrops falling on bare soil and wind lifting soil particles. It also slows down the speed of water flowing on the ground. The risk of erosion is significantly reduced when the ground cover exceeds 30%. Full coverage can be achieved for many grazing systems and crops.

The runoff concentrates as it moves down the slope. When a river that empties into a large basin reaches the shore, it is usually several hundred meters wide. Although surface coating helps disperse runoff, the concentration of runoff is unavoidable. Coordination of the entire basin is essential to implementing flow control measures. Runoff can pass through multiple properties and cross multiple routes (sometimes rail routes) as it moves from the outermost part of the water catchment to the main drainage route or river.

Coconut Fiber Geotextile Erosion Protection Mat

Erosion protection matting is a natural geosynthetic erosion control product that is a flexible, lightweight 3D mat made from high-strength coconut fiber geotextile used to protect slope surfaces or protect against soil erosion, reduce emissions and promote infiltration. Erosion protection mats work well to protect the soil surface from being washed away and make grass grow quickly.

In other words, the erosion control mats that stabilize coir geotextiles reduce the possibility of erosion caused by other heavy rains and provide a layer of green vegetation on rivers, riverbanks, pond edges, steep slopes, and marshes. grassy. Vegetal Erosion Control Mats not only prevent soil and sediment erosion but also provide excellent filtration and vegetation, ultimately improving soil conditions and slope stability.

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